4 Signs it is Time for an Oil Change

The oil that runs through the engine lubricates and cools the many moving parts. Without this crucial component, a car or truck cannot function properly. An oil change is one of the essential parts of a standard routine maintenance check that prevents vehicles from having complications. 

At Casey’s Automotive, we offer quick, accurate oil changes in Sterling, VA. Here are a few signs it’s time for an oil change:  

Check the color

A helpful tip in alerting you that it’s time to change is the oil’s color. A fresh, healthy oil tends to be light brown. If the oil color appears to be a musty, dark brown color or even black, then it’s a clear indicator it’s time to replace the oil immediately. 

Contaminants in oil

In addition to the color of the oil, checking the consistency and texture of the oil is another distinctive way to see if you need an oil change. If the overall elasticity of the oil is not smooth and feels a bit rough or clogged with other unwanted debris, it is due for a flush.

Engine light

The lights on your dashboard are there for a reason. If the engine light turns on, specifically the “maintenance required” or oil icon appears on the dashboard, your vehicle is telling you that it’s running low on oil.  

Engine noise

Oil serves to lubricate the engine, and if the engine begins to run a bit louder than usual, it’s the vehicle’s way of indicating that something is wrong. If there is less oil, the engine is working twice as hard, which causes further damages to occur in other parts of the car. If the engine noise is quite alarming or seems unfamiliar, you may want to seek a professional to inspect the vehicle. 

Oil Change Services at Casey’s Automotive in Sterling, Virginia

The benefits of routinely checking for an oil change in Sterling, VA, are endless. It not only makes sure the engine of the car is effectively working, but it also makes the car last longer. Getting an oil change repair makes the car healthier maintained, as it prevents internal damages from occurring.

One of the top benefits of getting a professional oil change service is that our certified technicians break everything down for you to comprehend better the services needed for your car. In addition to our oil change, Casey’s technicians complete a 42-point courtesy check during oil changes, identifying other areas that may need attention. Book your oil change service right here!

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