5 Signs That You Need to Get Your Oil Changed in Sterling, VA

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Northern Virginia is one of the largest commuting communities in the country. We drive a lot which means that maintaining our vehicles is an important aspect of our daily lives. Regular oil changes are among the most essential car maintenance services for any driver, but many don’t get them as often as they should. Here are 5 signs that your car needs an oil change in Sterling:

Vehicle is Running Poorly

Oil lubricates the engine in order to help it run smoothly. If you notice that your engine is making unusually loud noises, smells like burning, or is unresponsive to acceleration, then it may be due to worn-out or low oil.

Engine Oil Looks Dirty or Smells Burnt

If you are in the habit of checking your engine oil level using the oil dipstick, then also take note of the condition of the oil. If it looks black and gritty or smells burnt, then those are signals that your vehicle should be brought in for an oil change in Sterling, VA. Driving on worn-out oil is damaging to the engine and can shorten your vehicle’s lifespan.

Can’t Remember Your Last Oil Change

If you don’t recall the last time you brought your car in for an oil change, then it’s probably safe to say that you are due for one. Bring your car to a trusted and experience auto shop for an oil change in Sterling and they’ll be sure to get you started on a regular maintenance schedule, so you can keep your car in its best shape.

Oil Leaks Around Engine

If you notice that your engine might be leaking, it’s a sign to take your vehicle to a mechanic right away. Any leakage or excessive oil film around the engine, it’s a sign that there may be an issue and your oil levels are most likely low.

Oil Level Indicator

Every car has an oil level indicator on the dashboard. Once the oil level is low, the indicator light will blink to alert the driver. If you see this light go on, it is important to get your oil changed as soon as possible. If you replace the oil and the indicator still blinks, sometimes it could just be defective and is falsely reporting low oil levels, or it could be that the oil filters are severely clogged and need to be thoroughly cleaned out.

Trust Casey’s Automotive for Your Next Oil Change in Sterling, VA

At Casey’s, we are proud to serve all of Northern Virginia from our shops in Sterling and Chantilly. We recognize the extreme importance of oil on a well-functioning vehicle and perform dozens of oil changes daily at our shops. Every oil change comes standard with a free 42-point courtesy check, so if there’s anything else going on with your vehicle that needs repair, we’ll catch it during this check! Learn more about our oil change services in Sterling, and contact us today to book an appointment!



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