5 Warning Signs of a Bad Exhaust

The exhaust system in cars and trucks tend to go ignored until service is required. That is especially true since they can last between five to seven years. Casey’s team in Sterling, VA, recognizes the importance of staying of a driver staying in tune with their vehicles’ needs, and this piece will help you do that just that! When trying to tell if your exhaust is going bad, look at the list below. You will learn the main signs of an exhaust system that could be on its way to requiring service. 

A Hanging Exhaust Pipe

Is a dragging exhaust pipe dangerous? Yes. An exhaust pipe dragging on the ground or hanging loose will require service immediately. If it is bouncing around back there, it could be in danger of breaking or causing a leak. Not to mention, it is a safety hazard. The last thing you’d want to find out your vehicle caused damage to another. 

A Louder Engine

As one of the first symptoms you’d notice, an overly noisy engine is not a good sign. When an exhaust manifold grows faulty, it can cause an exhaust leak that makes a sound. Hearing a hissing noise or a tapping sound will be heard, and those sounds grow worse when accelerating the engine or during a cold start. 

Burning or Gasoline Scents

What causes a burning smell near the engine? One symptom could be the exhaust. If the exhaust components like gaskets end up breaking or wear down near engine wiring, it will exude a burning scent. That is because the wiring under many hoods is made of plastic, making them susceptible to burning from exhaust gases. The result is a smell coming from the engine area reminiscent of burning plastic, wires, or rubber. 

Another scent denoting danger is that of gasoline fumes that make their way into the cabin. That can happen when a pipe or tube has become damaged or loose. It makes the gasoline fumes seek out an exit, and some leave by entering into the vehicle’s cabin. In both cases, call the team at Casey’s Automotive in Sterling, VA, for an immediate inspection. 

Acceleration or Power Decrease

The car won’t accelerate? Check the exhaust. The performance of a car or truck relies heavily on the exhaust system. When exhaust pipes become corrupted or damaged, causing a leak will affect the engine’s power. You can tell this is having an adverse effect when you no longer feel the same energy level you used to while accelerating. Or, you cannot accelerate as quickly as you once did. A problem such as that will only grow worse with time. 

You Go Through Fuel Faster

My truck’s fuel has lost efficiency. Again, check the exhaust! If the acceleration and power have decreased, the fuel won’t last. Look at it this way; after you work out hard,  you get hungry. It’s the same with the vehicle. It is working harder, meaning it requires more fuel. 

Exhaust System Repair at Casey’s Automotive in Sterling, Virginia

No matter which of the preceding signs you have noticed, your first action should be service. In Sterling, VA, Casey’s team has experience with exhaust systems that have grown troubled. Ensure you bring your car or truck in for an inspection at the first sign of an exhaust system in distress. We will provide your ride with a thorough examination and inspection report. The report is sent directly to your phone and includes images and descriptions!











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