Windshield wiper blades are an often-overlooked element. Because of their tendency to slowly lose their ability to function properly, it might appear as though they are working somewhat properly. But, looks can be deceiving. 

Over time, wiper blades are exposed to many elements of which cause their eventual wear. Well, that is until you turn them on and see them skipping across the glass while hearing a “guh guh guh.” You see, the rubber that touches the windshield on your blades faces one direction while moving up, then flips in direction while going the other way. When the rubber sits in the elements, (heat, cold, sunlight, etc.) it degrades. That can cause the rubber to stick in a singular position instead of changing as it is intended to. Those same variables also cause small cuts, gashes, and weakening of the blades, which lowers their proficiency. Depending on the brand, element exposure, and occurrence of use, replacement times can vary. Generally speaking, it is said to be every 6-12 months. As usual, always check with your vehicle-specific user’s manual for all maintenance needs.


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