Meet Our Team

We Treat Each Customer Like They Are Family, Because at Casey’s Our Team Is a Family!

Each of us is committed to the continual training required in a profession that demands the knowledge and skill to stay ahead of the technology.

We are a hard-working group of highly trained and exceptionally skilled automotive professionals who care about our clients and their families, care about each other, have a very high standard of excellence to maintain, and have a long-term commitment to the quality care we provide at Casey’s Automotive. Our technicians are all Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified.

We are proud of the extra care we give to each customer we serve and live up to the standard set by our motto: “The best referral you can get is from a neighbor. Ask a neighbor about us – We’re confident in what they’ll say!” 

Call us or make an appointment on-line today! You will be glad you did!

Bryan Jewett_Headshot

Bryan Jewett

Owner / Operator

Mary Jewett_Headshot

Mary Jewett

Business Manager

Lauren Bien_Headshot

Lauren Bien

Office & Marketing Manager


Brendan Hagen

General Manager

Ryan Abbott Service Advisor

Ryan Abbott

Service Manager Great Falls

Eric Sauer_Headshot

Eric Sauer

Service Manager Chantilly

Matt Foltz_Headshot

Matt Foltz

Service Advisor Chantilly


Luke Vandermeulen

Service Advisor Chantilly

Jacob Moser Service Technician

Jacob Moser

Shop Foreman

Brandon Testa_Headshot

Brandon Testa

Service Technician Chantilly

Ken Merritt Service Technician

Ken Merritt

Service Technician Chantilly

Robert Gray - Service Technician

Robert Gray

Service Technician Chantilly

Tommy Brown_Headshot

Tommy Brown

Service Technician Chantilly


Jonathan Young

Service Technician Sterling


Rojer Lopez

Service Technician Sterling

Stephen Smith_Headshot

Stephen Smith

Shuttle Driver

Jamison Cormier_Headshot

Jamison Cormier

Service Technician Chantilly

Andrew Foth_headshot

Andrew Foth

Service Technician Chantilly

George Combs_Headshot

George Combs

Service Technician Chantilly

Charles Langdon_Headshot

Charles Langdon

Service Advisor Chantilly

Parker Stuart_Headshot

Parker Stuart

Service Advisor Sterling

Ryan Stafford_Headshot

Ryan Stafford

Service Manager Sterling

Rudy Jewett_Headshot _crop

Rudy Jewett

President & CEO

Mattis Sauer_Headshot

Mattis Sauer

Vice President

Murphy Abbott_Headshot

Murphy Abbott

Chief Operating Officer

Letty Abbott_Headshot

Letty Abbott

Chief Information Officer

The best referral you can get is from a neighbor.