Automotive Maintenance and Upgrades

Regular auto maintenance on your car or truck is essential for the longevity of its life. When thinking about maintenance, keep in mind some general schedules. You should have an oil change performed every 3000 miles (regular) or 5000 miles (synthetic). Brake fluid flushes are generally every 2 years, depending on how often your vehicle is driven. Brake pads don’t really have a set time length, as every driver uses their vehicle differently, so keep an eye and ear out for screeching brakes or burning scents. And, don’t ever hesitate to have your brake system inspected if you suspect something might be off. Tires generally have a 5-year life span. But, again, that also depends on how often you’re driving and what sort of pressure your drive puts on the tires. It’s important to periodically check your tires’ tread by implementing the penny test


Aside from the general automotive maintenance items that occur annually, there are other things to consider for your car or truck. Like automotive upgrades! These days, there are places where you can take your cell phone or other electronics so that you can replace certain parts with stronger, higher quality pieces. While being among the many things we rely on for their essential utility, our vehicles are usually never the first to be considered for a tune-up or upgrade. Like with a phone, an upgrade to a certain component of your automobile, like maintenance, can help lengthen its lifespan. It can also increase its efficiency and performance.


At Casey’s Automotive, we not only perform excellent automobile maintenance, but also offer high-quality performance parts for vehicles of all kinds, at an affordable price, with the expertise necessary to ensure a quick and precise installation. We are a dedicated team of professionals skilled in a variety of automobile-related services, including tires, maintenance, repairs, and top-of-the-line custom auto upgrades. So, if you are a driver in Chantilly, VA, or in the Northern Virginia area, come to Casey’s Automotive to retain your vehicle at its peak performance. Here are few upgrades that can help do just that:  

Increase the Diameter of Your Throttle Body

The throttle body is a component of your vehicle that controls the flow of air to your engine, allowing it to help the engine combust properly. Most vehicles have stock throttle bodies that provide a standard amount of air flow to the engine, but by replacing them with another that has a larger diameter and bigger flaps, more air will enter the engine. This will instantly boost the performance of your engine, increasing horsepower and acceleration.  

Add a Cold Air Intake System

Another way to customize your vehicle and increase its engine’s performance is by adding a cold air intake (CAI) system. A CAI system pulls in cool air from outside and sends it to the engine. Cooler air is denser, meaning more oxygen is present, and thus the engine’s combustion power will increase once it is sent to it. It is an incredibly affordable way to upgrade your vehicle, but it does create a noisier engine and requires a selective eye before purchasing a specific brand or type of CAI parts. Do your research beforehand or discuss your auto upgrades with our team at Casey’s and you’ll be sure to improve your vehicle so that it suits your needs best.  

Install a Forced Induction System

In terms of making performance upgrades for your automobile, there is no better way to do it than by adding a forced induction system. Most people would commonly know such systems by their simpler, catchier trade names: superchargers and turbochargers. Both function in just the same way, compressing air flowing into the engine, greatly increasing its speed and acceleration. The more compressed air going in, the more fuel your vehicle can mix into it. 


The difference between the two lies in where their power comes from within the automobile. For turbochargers, the power comes from the exhaust system, taking the leftover energy that’s produced from it to power its own system, making it more economical when it comes to performance. As for super chargers, it takes its power from a belt connected to the engine, immediately powering up as soon as your vehicle’s engine does.


Lift Kits and Suspension Lifts

A lift kit is an aftermarket package of parts used to lift a vehicle. A suspension lift is a modification that raises the ride height. While typically thought of as a cosmetic upgrade, suspension, and lift kits, offer a few more perks for drivers who like to take their truck off-road by improving performance. A suspension lift can assist in departure, steeper approach, breakover angles, a higher ground clearance, and help accommodate larger wheels and tires.

Casey’s Automotive: Custom Auto Upgrades in Chantilly, Virginia

There are countless ways to upgrade your vehicle and its performance, but there are only a few ways to do it. For most auto lovers and aficionados, there’s a basis of knowledge and skill that comes from a self-taught interest. However, for beginners and individuals that lack the time to focus on such a complex task, it is best to learn and discuss what to do from professionals in high-quality custom auto upgrades, such as Casey’s Automotive. Our personalized service and affordable price for parts has given us numerous satisfied customers throughout Chantilly, VA and Northern Virginia. Contact us at 703-802-6300 to make your vehicle’s next performance upgrade. 

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