Benefits of Getting Your Tires Checked

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Have you ever been enjoying a drive and all of a sudden, your car seems bumpy and off balance? You aren’t sure what’s happening, so you pull over and get out to see that one of your tires blew out. You also notice how worn down your tires are, so you decide its time to get them all checked and possibly replaced.

It’s important to get your tires checked regularly for many reasons, especially to avoid expensive repairs. When you decide to get it done, make sure you bring your car to a quality professional like Casey’s Automotive in Sterling Virginia.

Here are some important reasons to get your tires checked:

1. Tire Pressure

It is recommended that you get your tire pressure checked either every time to fill up your tank, there is a 10-degree change in outside temperature, or just every 30 days. Many drivers believe that you should fill up your tire to the maximum to get the right pressure, but that is untrue as every car has different requirements. That will decrease its life span and cause blowouts to occur, so taking your air pressure to get checked at Casey’s Automotive will ensure good tire pressure so you can have long lasting tires.

2. Consistent Flat Tires/Blowing Out

Getting a flat tire isn’t uncommon, but when you get them consistently and in the same tire, you should probably go get it checked out. There are many reasons this could be happening such as having something stuck in your tire, a worn-out tire, bad tire pressure, improper replacement, and more. Even if you think you know what the problem is, take your car to an automotive professional to double check and correct the issue.

3. Alignment Issues

Alignment is another important element of your to get checked. It determines how your car makes contact with the road according to angles of the tires. If your vehicle is pulling left or right when you drive, you should take it in to a professional to get corrected. They will check your tires’ chamber tilt, the toe angles, and caster balance to ensure your car will be able to drive smoothly.

4. Tire Wear

Tires get worn for many reasons. Maybe you haven’t replaced your tires in a while or have been driving on roads with many potholes. Regardless, you might not realize how worn down your tires are until you inspect them, so taking them to Casey’s Automotive is a good way to be sure they need replacement.

5. Balance

If you’ve ever felt your steering wheel or whole car shake when you pick up speed, it might be a tire balance issue. As tires’ lives goes on, the weights inside begin to shift, causing an imbalance that could lead to expensive damages like treadwear and traction. Bring your car into our shop to check for an imbalance.

Drive Smoother with Our Tire Services in Sterling Virginia

Waiting to get your tires checked can lead to many expensive problems. Bringing your car to Casey’s Automotive in Sterling Virginia for a tire check every so often will lengthen the life of both your tires and vehicle. We will perform tire services including mounting and balancing, alignment, inspections for wear or integrity problems, flat repair, and air adjustment.

Come to one of our shops in Sterling or Chantilly today to get your tires checked!


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