Best Ways to Save on Gas Usage

With gasoline prices continuously fluctuating, saving on gas is becoming a more important habit to have. Activities like excessive braking, idling while the automobile warms up, ignoring regular servicing or stepping too hard on the gas could potentially increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

At Casey’s Automotive, we provide our expert services as a dependable automotive repair shop in Sterling, Virginia. Our team has your best interests in mind when it comes to the routine maintenance of your vehicle. Our experienced technicians pride themselves on efficiency and precision in their work, but if your service requires longer than the time you have, we provide shuttles and courtesy vehicles to help you arrive at your destination efficiently. Here are a few ways you can reduce your fuel economy:

Don’t Ignore the “Check Engine” Light

The “check engine” light is more than just another light in your vehicle. It is a warning to inform you that something is wrong with your vehicle, and often, such problems will cause excess emissions, thus reducing your fuel economy.

Not Performing Regular Service

Most knowledgeable automobile owners will stress that you should regularly take your vehicle in to get it inspected for any issues it may have or will have. This advice is founded on experience in which such owners faced automobile troubles due to their negligence. It is beneficial to bring your vehicle to an auto shop for maintenance to maintain its longevity and fuel economy.

Avoid Idling

Though it may be difficult to do at times, decreasing the amount of time that a vehicle idles will effectively save your vehicle’s use of gas. Things like waiting to warm up in the wintertime or sitting at a stand-still for more than 60 seconds can waste fuel.  Though these situations can’t be avoided most of the time, it best to identify when you are wasting gas and then figure out how to avoid it.

Slow Stops Wins the Race

As braking is necessary, kinetic energy also has its role in stopping a moving vehicle. Rather than accelerating till the last moment and then slamming on your brakes, try coasting to a stop. Coasting allows for minimal brake usage, which also means less of a need to speed up as well, thus reducing the amount of fuel you use on your drive.

Tire Pressure

It may be helpful to check your tire pressure at least once a month. Properly inflated tires can improve gas mileage by about 3 percent and decrease rolling resistance.

Cruise Through

Plan the best time to depart before you leave, ideally when there is less traffic, since it will reduce the chances of you stopping too often, as well as driving aggressively due to being in a rush. This means you’ll be less likely to excessively accelerate and brake, leading to a better fuel economy.

Choose a Dependable Automotive Repair Shop in Sterling, Virginia

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