Brake System Myths: Breaking Down Misconceptions

Regarding car maintenance, few components are as critical as the brake system. Despite that, plenty of myths and misconceptions flying around can leave drivers confused. Our Great Falls, VA team looks to debunk some brake system myths, which you can learn below!

Myth: “Brake Fluid Lasts Forever”

The truth: Brake fluid does NOT last forever. It is vital to your braking system and will break down over time. During its life, it absorbs moisture, which can lead to a decrease in its effectiveness. Having your brake fluid checked, flushed, and replaced regularly is recommended for your Great Falls, VA, vehicle.

Myth: “Brake Pads Don’t Need Regular Inspections”

Reality:  Regular inspections of your brake pads for wear are crucial to avoiding costly repairs in the future. While many prefer waiting for a high-pitched squeal to signal worn-out brake pads, it is not the best strategy. Ignoring the maintenance of brake pads can result in warped drums and rotors.

Myth: “Brakes Will Smell After Heavy Use”

Reality: It’s normal for brakes to generate heat during heavy use. However, a strong burning scent is not. An overwhelming odor can suggest a potential problem, such as overheating brakes or even a dragging brake caliper. If you notice a persistent burning odor, have your brakes inspected promptly.

Myth: “Loud Brakes are Always a Sign of a Problem”

Reality: Excessively loud or grinding noises can indicate brake issues, but some noise is normal. Brakes may produce a light squeal in wet conditions or when the temperature outdoors shifts. However, new, persistent, or abnormally loud noises should be promptly inspected to prevent further damage.

Myth: “You Only Need to Replace the Front Brake Pads”

Reality: Both front and rear brake pads play critical roles in your braking system. Neglecting the rear pads can lead to uneven braking, reduced performance, and increased wear on other components. It’s advisable to do so when replacing brake pads for all four wheels.

Brake Inspections at Casey’s Automotive in Great Falls, Virginia

Having broken down these popular myths, we hope all drivers will ensure the brakes in their cars and trucks are regularly checked. If your brakes are due for an inspection, contact our team. We’ll check them along with forty other components while providing you with an inspection report!


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