As an essential business, Casey’s Automotive remained open and operating since the early part of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began. We reacted immediately with safety precautions to keep our staff and customers safe. Those precautions have remained in place throughout the entire year and will do so until we are out of this current situation.

Our team members’ health and safety, their families, and our customers have remained our top priority throughout the pandemic and will continue for as long as it takes.

As a result of the changing times, we have adapted to how we serve our community by adding mandatory sanitation measures, in-person safety precautions, and a pick-up and drop-off service known as Casey’s Concierge.

Each of our team members follows the guidelines, as stated by the CDC. Between wearing masks and gloves, regular hand washing, and sanitizing common-use areas, we continue to stay at the top of our game to avoid spread.

 You can rely on us to follow the guidelines and protocols for as long as it takes until we can all come out of this happy and healthy.

Thank you for your continued patronage and trust in Casey’s Automotive, and take care of yourselves! 

Casey's Concierge Service

A complimentary service, Casey’s Concierge, offers our customers the ability to schedule their vehicle for pick-up from their home or place of work. The Concierge Team follows the sanitation protocols throughout the process then returns the vehicle to the customer’s location.

Sanitizer Kit

Casey's Sanitation Process

Upon receipt of the vehicle, technicians first cover the driver’s seat, steering wheel, and shift handle with a single-use protective sheet. The protective barriers are kept in place throughout the service and only removed once the service is complete. Upon completing service, our technicians use a BG brand aerosol to sanitize the air as it circulates throughout the cabin and A/C system.

In-Person Safety Precautions

When coming into one of our service locations, customers must wear masks, whether quickly running in or waiting in our lobbies. Single-use masks are available to those who need them, and plexiglass barriers are located at each of our service desks.

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