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What is a Serpentine Belt?

While many items are on a vehicle’s maintenance schedule, some are lesser-known than others for many drivers.  Some components require maintenance often, like oil flushes and filter replacements. Other parts are capable of carrying on for many miles, even years, before needing attention. The serpentine belt is a member of the latter group. Below, we …

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What is a Diagnostic or Trouble Code Test?

Knowing technical terms for automotive maintenance and repair is crucial for ensuring you are getting what you pay for. One thing that many customers hear is Diagnostic Testing. If you’ve heard the phrase “pull codes” referencing automotive repair but didn’t exactly grasp the concept, Casey’s in Chantilly, VA, is here to give you the details!  …

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What is an Automotive A/C Recharge?

With long, sometimes uncomfortable Northern Virginia commutes, we need our vehicle’s A/C system to be running at optimal levels. In these warmer months, there is always an uptick in appointments for A/C auto maintenance and repairs. Your car or truck’s air conditioning system can be very costly when it comes to repairs, so it is …

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Summer Road Trip Checklist

For folks in the Northern Virginia area, summer is when we like to get away from the hustle of traffic and congestion. Unfortunately, long scenic drives can bring wear and tear to your vehicle, which is why starting off prepared is crucial. Since we understand how important it is to have a car in perfect …

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