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How to maintain your automotive battery

A battery is a device that stores electrical energy in the form of chemical energy and converts that energy into electricity. Most vehicular batteries rely on a lead-acid reaction, which falls under the category of SLI (starting, lighting, and ignition) by providing short bursts of energy to power the different parts of your vehicle: lights, engine, …

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How regular maintenance saves money on gas.

Regular automotive maintenance is essential for keeping your Sterling, VA, vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. Maintaining your vehicle is crucial for performance’s longevity. It is also critical to preventing future damage. Maintenance refers to the services such as oil changes, brake pad replacements, fluid flushes (brake, coolant, and transmission fluids), tire rotations, wheel balancing, brake …

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What is Automotive Maintenance?

A tune-up for a car or truck is something that drivers historically had once done for more than 50 years. It used to mean components such as the ignition timer, spark plugs, rotors, carburetor, and more, were adjusted for performance. But given modern vehicles, those services have changed quite a bit. Instead of having our …

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