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Engine Preserving Maintenance Tips

The running heart of a vehicle is its engine. Without a healthy engine, the vehicle can only last so long before it requires some costly repairs.  Preventative maintenance is the one weapon we all have to help keep our vehicles healthy. The list of services that can be considered preventive is robust, so our team …

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Does the Cold Weather Kill your Car Battery?

The weather outside has been trying for our fellow Sterling, VA, area residents, and that cold weather can affect your car or truck’s battery! Below, we will cover the main top things that can drain your vehicle’s battery during the winter. How Do Batteries Work? Batteries have three main components: two terminals made of different …

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What is factory scheduled maintenance?

A lot of terms get thrown around in the automotive service industry. Often, some of the terms are lost in translation for the driver, and while most know maintenance is crucial for vehicle health, some don’t know what some of those maintenance services require. Casey’s team in Chantilly, VA, is here to drop some knowledge …

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What is a Serpentine Belt?

While many items are on a vehicle’s maintenance schedule, some are lesser-known than others for many drivers.  Some components require maintenance often, like oil flushes and filter replacements. Other parts are capable of carrying on for many miles, even years, before needing attention. The serpentine belt is a member of the latter group. Below, we …

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