Is My Engine Overheating?

With the arrival of summer, drivers must be aware of potential challenges that can affect their vehicles. One issue many drivers face during the scorching summer months is the can overheating engine. Understanding why cars overheat and how to prevent it is essential for maintaining your vehicle’s health and ensuring a safe and enjoyable driving …

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What are the Different Types of Tires?

The tire and wheel system plays a vital role in a car’s performance, handling, traction, and fuel efficiency. Casey’s Sterling, VA, team is here to help our customers understand the basics of different tire types and wheel sizes and their impact on a vehicle that can empower any Northern Virginia driver to make informed decisions. …

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How Does an Engine Work?

Putting aside electric vehicles (EV), the most common type on our Chantilly, VA roads is the internal combustion engine. Converting fuel into energy to power the vehicle. An internal combustion engine uses a combination of fuel and air to create explosions that power the vehicle, and we’ll cover how it works below. Basic Principles of …

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How Does the Exhaust System Work?

Most drivers are familiar with the sound of their engine roaring, but have you ever wondered what happens to all the exhaust gases the engine produces? That’s where the exhaust system comes in, and Casey’s Great Falls, VA, team is here to drop some knowledge bombs! Below, we’ll explore the purpose and components of a …

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