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Summer Road Trip Checklist

For folks in the Northern Virginia area, summer is when we like to get away from the hustle of traffic and congestion. Unfortunately, long scenic drives can bring wear and tear to your vehicle, which is why starting off prepared is crucial. Since we understand how important it is to have a car in perfect …

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Tire Plug vs Tire Patch: Which is the Best?

We’ve all been there. You were driving along on your morning or afternoon commute in Northern Virginia when POP, your tire is losing air. You pulled over to inspect the damage and saw a deflated tire. You figure it caught a piece of metal road debris, probably a nail. So, you bring your vehicle into …

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4 Factors to Consider Before Buying Used Vehicles

Buying a previously owned or “used” vehicle can come with many questions and even a bit of anxiety. One of the questions we most often hear at Casey’s in Sterling, VA, is “What is the highest mileage you should accept for a used vehicle?” Unfortunately, buying a previously owned vehicle is not as simple as …

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Touchless Wheel Alignment

At Casey’s, we are continually seeking out new or improved ways to serve our customers better. Over the years, we’ve added several quality-increasing benefits that include complimentary digital inspection reports, customer-friendly software, and now-faster service. Our Chantilly, VA shop now boasts additional bays to allow our customers to get their regular maintenance services done even …

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