Common Signs of Automotive Electrical Issues

These days, our modern cars and trucks rely heavily on electrical systems to keep them functioning efficiently. Components such as the battery, alternator, and other electrical elements are in control of how your vehicle operates. When those elements start to fail, your car or truck can begin to suffer from various problems. Casey’s team in Chantilly, VA, is here to give you the signs of electrical issues that you can keep an eye and ear out for in this piece!

The Battery is Experiencing Electrical Issues

When it comes to an automotive battery experiencing issues, it could be a few different things. Typically, when a car doesn’t start at ignition, the first thought that comes to mind is a dead battery. Batteries tend to last about five years, so unless it’s been that long since you’ve replaced it, don’t immediately jump to that conclusion. Still, check the cables connected to the battery ports and ensure they are appropriately connected. If it’s still wonky, have the electrical system checked out by a certified technician. After all, it can also be an issue with the alternator.

There is Burning Smell

Never a good sign, the smell of something burning in your vehicle is a clear warning. Materials such as plastic, rubber, or electrical insulation have a pretty obvious scent when burning. It is usually a sure sign of electrical issues or a short circuit. That is especially true if it happens simultaneously with a fuse that has blown, lighting issues, such a dimming, or start-up problems, such as slow cranking.

Lights are Not Properly Working

A major tell of electrical issues is lighting. When the headlights, tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, or dome lights flicker or dim, it’s telling you there is a problem. Dimming lights indicate low voltage, a dying battery, loose wires, or issues with the alternator.

Engine Cranking Electrical Issues

If you’ve ever gone to start your car and heard “click-click-click,” you know what we mean. That little sound says there isn’t enough of a current flow to engage the engine. Since the battery provides the spark to ignite the fuel, engines require electrical power from the start. When the engine does not crank properly, it could signal electrical issues. Hearing a clicking noise could mean the battery is dying or the alternator is failing. However, if you were to notice a grinding sound, it could mean the starter has gone the way of the dinosaurs. No matter what the sound, get it checked out at your Chantilly, VA, Casey’s shop!

The Same Fuses Blow Out Often

Like the fuse box in your home, fuses are designed to prevent short-circuiting and overvoltage. The same goes for the fuse box in your car or truck. Granted, the average driver is probably not keeping their vehicle’s fuse box in mind, but it’s worth noting. Some fuses occasionally blow for seemingly no reason and are easy to replace. But, in the case of a fuse or two that blow out repeatedly, it’s probably an electrical issue.

Automotive Electrical Repair & Maintenance in Chantilly, Virginia

Whether your car is having an issue with its alternator, battery, fuse box, or starter, Casey’s in Chantilly, VA, is the place for your vehicle. Our team of certified technicians will find electrical problems, record and document them, and send them to you via text for review and approval. If your vehicle is experiencing any of the issues listed above, contact us for a complimentary inspection. 

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