Everything You Need to Know About Auto Inspections 

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Once every year, it is required by the state of Virginia that your automobile receives an automotive safety inspection. At Casey’s Automotive, Sterling, VA, our technicians want to make sure your vehicle passes its auto safety inspection with no issues whatsoever. You can trust our auto repair services to satisfy the Virginia State Inspection. When you take your vehicle in, our expert technicians take the time to thoroughly check every inch of your vehicle, ensuring it is in great condition and will pass inspection. 

Here’s what you need to know about Virginia’s State Inspection: 

Parts That Are Inspected During Virginia Auto Inspections

  1. Air pollution control system
  2. Auxiliary lamps (backup, cornering, driving, fog, spot, and warning)
  3. Batteries
  4. Brakes (service brakes, emergency, parking or holding brakes, trailer brakes)
  5. Doors
  6. Floor pan
  7. Frame, engine mounts, coupling devices and emergency chains
  8. Fuel system
  9. Glass and glazing
  10. Hatch latch system
  11. Hazard lights, stop lamp and permissible light equipment
  12. Headlamps, rear lamp, tail lamp, license plate lamp and rear lamp combinations
  13. Horns and other warning devices
  14. Mirrors
  15. Muffler, exhaust systems, and trailer venting
  16. Parking lamps, clearance lamps, side marker lamps and reflectors
  17. Seat, seat belts
  18. Signal device
  19. Steering and suspension
  20. Tires, wheels, and rims
  21. Windshield wipers, defroster

How Long Do Auto Inspections Take? 

While the length of your Virginia State automotive inspection depends on your inspector’s professional experience, when coming into our Sterling, VA location, set aside at least 30-60 minutes to allow for the paperwork and the inspection to take place. 

What to Do If Your Vehicle Fails Inspection

After a vehicle has been rejected in a Virginia State Inspection, a rejection sticker will be placed over your last approval sticker on your vehicle’s windshield. It is important to have the items that caused your vehicle to be rejected fixed within 15 days in order to pass your annual inspection.

While the inspection sticker doesn’t necessarily prevent you from driving your vehicle, it also doesn’t reduce your chances of being issued a ticket. Once you get your rejected Sterling, VA vehicle re-inspected, your inspector is only required to check the defective parts. If you happen to have your vehicle inspected at a different location, you may be charged for the full price since the new inspector will have to do a complete inspection.

When Does My Vehicle’s Inspection Sticker Expire? 

The Virginia State Inspection sticker on your windshield only has the expiration month and year on it, but the expiration date will be the last day of that month. For example, if your sticker has a “7” on the left and a “20” on the right, then your expiration date will be 7/31/2020. 

Get A Virginia State Auto Inspection at Casey’s Automotive in Sterling, Virginia

Finding a trusted shop for your automotive maintenance and repairs can be made simple at Casey’s Automotive in Sterling, Virginia. We train our team to provide professionalism, honesty, and excellent customer service to our customers. No matter when your Virginia State Auto Inspection needs to take place, our auto inspection repair technicians can accommodate you as best as possible.  

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