Fall Automotive Maintenance Tips

With National Car Care Month only days away, we figured now was the best time to cover some car care tips for this fall! Most Chantilly, VA, area drivers know winterizing their vehicles is a staple of their health, but fall maintenance can make it easier.

Many of us aren’t exactly ready to have to prepare for the frigid commutes and layers of wear, but our vehicle surely should be. So, let’s cover some ways to prepare your car or truck for the changing seasons.

Maintenance Saves Money

We’ve explained before how beneficial it is for your wallet if you were to regularly maintain your vehicle instead of having to repair damages caused by a lack of maintenance. That theory is sound and especially true when it comes to seasonal preparedness.

Fall Vehicle Maintenance List

  • Inspect the tire’s tread depth, look for wires or wear, and take note of the manufacturer’s suggested PSI
  • Check all the lights: headlights, tail lights, turn signals, and overhead cabin bulbs.
  • Ensure all of the fluids are healthy and topped off. There are quite a few to know about which are not wiper fluid!
  • Make sure the windshield wiper blades are healthy. Turn them on with the wiper fluid and ensure they don’t leave streaks.
  • Check the vehicle’s heater! It’s easy to ignore this element throughout the warmer months, so checking it now is your best bet before it gets cold.
  • Inspect the brake system. Are the pads, rotors, or discs worn? When was the last inspection? Get it to us in Chantilly, VA, for a brake inspection.
  • Complete outstanding maintenance services. Have you been putting off tire rotation, oil changes, or fluid flushes? Now is the time to get it all done.
  • Stop ignoring any suspected issues. Look, we get it. Servicing a vehicle is a hassle, time-consuming, and burdensome for many, but it will save you money in the future!

Automotive Maintenance at Casey’s Automotive in Chantilly, Virginia

Given the cost of used and new cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs these days, maintaining your vehicle’s health is crucial for its longevity. Take notice of its health and get it in for service before it takes more from your wallet. At Casey’s, we provide every vehicle that comes into our shop with a complimentary 42-points inspection. The inspection report is sent directly to the customer’s phone or email and includes images, videos, and detailed descriptions of its health. Contact us to book an inspection for the fall today!




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