Four Reasons Why Your Brake Light Comes On

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With summer coming to an end, fall is now here, and the school year has started, it’s easy to forget about getting our car brakes repaired or replaced. Car brakes are an important part of your vehicle and if they aren’t performing efficiently, then it’s important that you get your brakes inspected by your local automotive shop in Sterling, VA  immediately. Keep your brakes up-to-date to prevent unsafe braking conditions for you, your passengers, and other drivers around you. Your car brakes are a complicated system to understand but with a Casey Automotive specialist, we will be able to provide quality auto inspections, repairs, and installations to help keep you safe on the road this fall season.

Activated Parking Brake

In most vehicles, parking brakes will have a sensor light that lets you know when it is on. In cases where parking brakes aren’t fully off, your car will alert you before you try driving off. Driving with the parking brake on can wear down the brake pads or brake shoes and can make it go them bad quickly.   

Low Brake Fluid

When your brake fluid is low or if there are any brake leaks, it will cause the brake light to turn on. It’s important to have this checked out right away because if all fluid has leaked, your brakes won’t have the ability to stop.

Anti-Lock Brake System Issue

The device on the inside of your wheel and part of your anti-lock brake system (ABS) that reads the speed at which the tires rotate and sends the information to the ABS control module is called your speed sensor. Your vehicle’s speed sensor device is also part of the anti-lock brake system (ABS). When your speed sensor isn’t working properly then your ABS system will not work properly either and this will switch on your ABS light.

Replace the Brake Sensor Light Bulbs

Once you have checked your parking brake, brake fluid, and ABS and are unable to find anything wrong with your brakes, then it may be the brake sensor lights need to be replaced. It’s always safe to have an automotive shop specialist to inspect your car for any issues regarding your brake to prevent unsafe driving situations.

Get Your Brakes Repaired At Casey’s Automotive in Sterling, VA

Casey’s Automotive offers a wide variety of automotive services to suit your vehicle needs including oil changes, brake repairs, tire rotations, and more. With Casey’s Automotive shop locations in Chantilly and Sterling, we can provide all types of auto services to residents around the Northern Virginia area. Whether you need car repairs done or need to inspect your vehicle’s brakes, you can trust our team to provide you with the best auto repair and maintenance services to ensure your safety on the road.

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