Holiday Road Trip Travel Tips

Some are choosing to stay home this season, while others are preparing for holiday road travel. Being in the middle of a pandemic has made some drivers opt for a road trip, and we want the drivers in the Northern Virginia area to be prepared. When hitting the road this holiday season, ensure that trip is as stress-free as possible so that you can save that energy for the family. Casey’s team in Chantilly, VA, has put together a comprehensive list of items you should check and pack before taking that road trip.

Seasonal Maintenance & Inspections

As with any time of the year, regular automotive maintenance is the key to avoiding costly repairs in the future. For areas like Chantilly, VA, we are subjected to seasonal changes that require our attention. This is also true for our vehicles. Having a car or truck prepared for the winter months will help to keep your long road trip as stress-free as possible. The list of maintenance items should include:

– Battery Diagnostic Test
– Tire Health
– Brake Inspection
– Windshield Wipers
– Heating & Cooling System
– Head, tail, and Brake Lights

Check Your Spare Tire!

It might sound like a given, but many people do not think to check their spare before hitting the road. Not only do you want to make sure it has enough air, but you also need to check its health. Your automotive shop in Chantilly, VA, can do a quick check on it for you too.

Hard Copies of a Map or Atlas

What is this 1987? The truth is, depending on where you are traveling, Internet access isn’t always guaranteed. The same goes for cell phone coverage. If you are driving into unfamiliar territory, don’t be ashamed of bringing a map with you. It’ll save you a huge headache later.

Clean Out the Vehicle

A cramped vehicle could make for a stressful trip. Cleaning up the inside of your vehicle will allow space to pack more useful items. Vacuum the interior to get rid of dander, dirt, and other pollutants that could irritate you or another passenger’s allergies. Lastly, install an air freshener to keep the inside smelling fresh and clean throughout your trip.

Masks and Sanitizers

While keeping your hands clean is always a good idea, these days, it is essential. Make sure you have plenty of sanitizing tools such as wipes and gels. As always, bring clean and face masks. According to Cedars-Sinai, you should wear gloves while pumping gas, regularly wash your hands, wear a face mask when going indoors, and choose to sit outside while eating.

Additional Food for Thought

We highly recommend that you be prepared for any unforeseen events and suggest packing:

– Extra water for both you and the car when needed.
Jumper Box (jumper cables if you don’t have the box)
– Snacks. So. Many. Snacks
– Warm clothes and closed-toed shoes.
Roadside Safety Kit

We also recommend that you purchase several spare parts for possible emergencies and urgent situations. This can include an iron and jack to replace a tire with; replacement fluids, such as wiper fluids, gas, power steering, and brake fluid.

Automotive Repairs & Maintenance in Chantilly, VA

We believe one can never be too prepared for a road trip, so maintenance is crucial to safe travel. Bringing your car or truck in for a courtesy inspection and maintenance will help you get a clear view of the health of your vehicle. Contact us for any service, and we will provide you with a complimentary digital inspection that includes photos and descriptions. You can never be too informed about how your ride is doing!

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