How to Jump Start a Car

We’ve all been there. We walked up to our car or truck in the morning, got in, and attempted to start, but the engine didn’t go. Maybe you left some lights on all weekend, or the door was ajar. Perhaps the battery has lost its juice. Whatever the cause, knowing how to jump-start your vehicle can mean the difference between waiting for roadside service and getting to your destination on time. Fortunately, our Great Falls, VA, team is here to tell you how to get a jump-start done yourself!

Step One

Find a vehicle with a working battery and park it nose-to-nose with the dead car, but don’t let them touch!

Step Two

Ensure both vehicles are off, and grab some jumper cables. These are like the lifelines connecting the two cars.

Step Three

Pop both hoods and locate the batteries.

Step Four

Connect one red cable to the dead car’s battery’s positive (+) terminal. Then, hook the other end of the red cable to the positive (+) terminal of the working car’s battery.

Step Five

Grab the black cable and connect it to the negative (-) terminal of the working car’s battery. But don’t connect the other black cable to the dead car. Instead, find an unpainted metal part under the hood of the dead car. This helps prevent sparks and is like a safety high-five.

Step Six

With all cables in place, start the working car and let it run for a minute or two. This is like giving the Great Falls, VA, car’s battery a pep talk. Now, try starting the dead car.

If it roars to life, great! If not, double-check the connections and give it another shot.

Step Seven

Once the dead car is awake, keep it running for a bit. Now, it’s time to remove the cables in reverse order: black from the dead car, black from the working car, red from the working car, and finally red from the now-running car.

Battery Diagnostics & Battery Replacements at Casey’s Automotive in Great Falls, Virginia

Even when the jump-start works, it’s important to have a diagnostic test run on your battery to know its efficiency. When it is poor, it’s time to install a new battery; our team can help you! Contact us for all of your service or repair needs; we always run a diagnostic check on batteries as part of our courtesy inspection.

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