Casey's Concierge Service


We aim to provide an exceptional customer service experience each time you visit… whether that’s the first time or the 400th!



Vehicle Pick-up, Service, & Drop-off at Casey’s Automotive

Casey’s Automotive is committed to our community, employees, and the customers who have supported us over the years. Many have found themselves without the time or availability to bring their vehicle in for service with the recent interruptions in their school or business schedules. As a result of the changing landscape, Casey offers a concierge service to our customers. We will pick-up your car or truck, service it, and sanitize it, then deliver it back to you at no additional cost. Learn more about our COVID-19 response HERE.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have adopted additional sanitation precautions for our community and team members’ health and safety. We have put together sanitizing kits for our technicians’ use, including seat, shifter, and steering wheel covers, a disinfectant spray for interior surfaces and door handles, and an aerosol sanitizer for the ventilation system. At the start of service, we cover the seat, surfaces, and floor with protective barriers. Upon completing the service, the covers are removed, and the sanitation kit is deployed to disinfect all touched surfaces before returning the vehicle to the customer.