Courtesy Digital Inspection


Let’s be honest, bringing a vehicle into an automotive shop for repairs or maintenance can be intimidating from some people. Automotive repair shops are sadly notorious for poor business practices or even inflated price quotes. As a result, many customers are walking into the shop for regularly scheduled maintenance on edge and on guard for the pressure they expect to be placed on them to buy the services they might not need.


The Chantilly, Virginia area is no exception to these disappointing business practices, which is why Casey’s Automotive strives to dissolve those long-held ideas. We do this by offering something different to our customers, integrity, and transparency. One of the ways that we do this is by providing our Chantilly, VA area customers a complimentary digital inspection.


When a customer brings their car or truck in for service, be it an oil change, brakes, transmission fluid flush, tire installation, or any other service, their automobile receives a complimentary inspection covering multiple points both inside and outside the vehicle.


The report includes pictures and detailed descriptions showing component health, mild and moderate issues, and action items that require immediate attention. By having a visual representation, our customers can feel confident about their decisions when approving or declining any service(s). The choice is theirs! The best part? It is delivered directly to their phone via text or email!


  • Alignment: Tire wear, test drive & tire rotation
  • Axles/Driveshaft: Front axles, rear axles, driveshaft & U-joints & carrier bearings
  • Battery: Voltage, cables & connections, age & securing brackets
  • Body Check: Visual inspection for body and frame damage
  • Brakes, Front & Rear Pads/shoes, calipers/wheel cylinders, rotors/drums, brake hoses/brake lines
  • Brakes & Hydraulic System:Master cylinder, brake booster & brake lines
  • Dashboard & Exterior Lights: Check engine light, airbag, ABS, TPMS, all front lights & all tail lights
  • Differential/Transfercase: Front differential, rear differential & transfer case
  • Drive Belts: The serpentine belt, pulleys & tensioner
  • Engine Mounts: Front mount, side mount, trans mount & rear mount
  • Engine Valve Cover: Oil cap, PCV & valve cover gasket
  • Exhaust System: Muffler/tailpipe, center pipe, catalytic convertor, front manifold & oxygen sensors
  • Exterior Wiper Blades: Front blades, rear blades & washer nozzle/pump
  • Filters: Engine air filter and HVAC cabin air filter
  • Fluids: Brakes, power steering, oil, transmission, coolant, differential & leaks.
  • Front Steering: Rack & pinion steering gear and tie rod ends
  • Glass: Windshield, door windows & side glass
  • Hoses: Upper hose, lower hose, & bypass/heater/other
  • HVAC (A/C & Heating System): Compressor, blower motor, condenser, high-pressure line, low-pressure line, defrost & heat/AC performance
  • Radiator: Radiator cap, side & top tanks, and cooling fans
  • Suspension, Front: Shocks, sway bar, control arms, ball joints, springs & suspension
  • Suspension, Rear: Control arms, sway bar, shocks, springs & suspension components
  • Tires: Check all tires, the spare tire & tire pressure (TPMS)
  • Transmission: Pan gasket, test drive & rear seal
  • Wheel Bearings: Right front/rear bearings, & left front/rear bearings

Automotive Repair and Maintenance in Chantilly & Sterling, Virginia at Casey’s Automotive

Having to choose an automotive repair shop in the Northern Virginia area can be a daunting task, but we aim to make that choice more comfortable by offering transparency to all who walk in our doors. When bringing your car, van, SUV, truck, or Jeep in for service to Casey’s Automotive, you can count on our integrity. Schedule your next service and complimentary inspection through our website, or give us a call! Chantilly: 703-802-6360 | Sterling at 703-444-6900.