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Oil Change

Oil Change in Chantilly

Stop by for an Oil Change Service at our shop!

We’re proud to serve the Northern Virginia community. When you stop by our automotive shop in Chantilly for an oil change, you’ll be treated with respect, honesty, and fairness. Enjoy our comfortable waiting area while our ASE certified experts work on your vehicle, or drop it off and get notified the second it’s ready to be picked up. We offer more than just a routine oil change…

At Casey’s Automotive, every oil change comes standard with:​

Complimentary 42-point courtesy check. The report is sent directly to you via text or email and includes photos with detailed descriptions of any issues that we see.

No pressure. When you come into Casey’s for an oil change, our goal is to educate and inform, not make a sale. Our 42-point courtesy check helps to gain insight on essential areas of your vehicle that may need attention – brakes, tires, fluids – and notify you if anything needs attention. This information is for you to keep and to decide on when you feel ready to address the repairs or maintenance.

Our waiting room feels like home. We offer complimentary soft drinks, water, coffee, snacks, and Wi-Fi. We also have separate kids’ waiting area with games, a TV, coloring, toys, and comfy seating. We strive to make your waiting time productive and comfortable!


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Casey’s Automotive Oil Change Service in Chantilly, VA

Northern Virginia is one of the most prolific commuting communities anywhere in the country.

We drive a lot, and that means we need to keep our vehicles maintained. Oil changes are among the most essential car maintenance services for any regular driver, and at Casey’s Automotive we offer top of the line service so that you can rest easy knowing that your car is in top condition.

Here are a few reasons why oil changes are so significant:

Oil Lubricates the Engine – Engines are complicated machines with hundreds of moving parts. All the moving parts create an incredible amount of friction happening right under the hood of your car. If these components aren’t properly lubricated, your engine will suffer from overheating, mechanical damage, or worse.

Keeps the Engine Clean – When you picture an engine, you’re probably not imagining a sparkling clean one. The truth is that while they might be oily and grimy, engines suffer from sludge and particulate buildup. Oil helps to break down this kind of accumulation, and oil changes replace the old sludgy, keeping your engine clean.

Save Money at the Pump – Did you know that a poorly lubricated engine consumes more fuel than a clean one? Regular oil changes can improve fuel efficiency and save you money in the long run.

Keep the Vehicle Healthy – Your car, truck, SUV, or van, will last longer with routine oil changes. There’s no question that oil changes can help you avoid costly repairs, and that regular vehicle maintenance will help you increase the value of your car should you decide to sell it!