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Tire Shop In Chantilly

We offer TIRES!

One common question from our customers is, “Can I purchase tires through you?” The answer is yes. Casey’s Automotive not only sells tires, but we also perform all tire-related services, including:

Mount & Balance
Wheel Alignment
Tire Inspection (for wear or integrity problems)
Flat Repair
Air Adjustment (anytime you need it)
Road Hazard Plan – purchased with tire(s)
Roadside Assistance (when you purchase tires at Casey’s)

Tire wear penny trick

Do your tires need to be replaced? How can you check?

Ask Abraham Lincoln to help you!

Ever heard of the penny trick? Place a penny head down between the tread of a tire in question. If you can see Honest Abe’s hair, your tires are worn and need replacement.