Signs of a Failing Starter Motor

The process for starting a car or truck is quite intricate, given the many moving parts necessary to get that engine going, including a battery, alternator, and ignition. 

One of the primary components found in that system is the starter motor, and Casey’s team in Chantilly, VA, is here to give you the 411! Below, we will cover a starter motor, how it works, and the warning signs for a failing starter motor. 

How does the starter work?

When a vehicle has a combustible engine, it requires a jolt and airflow to create combustion. The starter motor does this by turning the engine over during ignition.  As soon as you turn the key or push the ignition button, electricity gets sent to the starter motor.

Once in the starter motor, it engages the flywheel by spinning it, and in turn, gets the pistons moving. In other words, it’s a crucial component for starting a vehicle.

Warning Signs of a Failing Starter Motor 

Buzzing Sound with No Start – If you were to attempt to start the engine only to hear a loud buzzing sound, it could mean the motor itself isn’t actuating although there is electricity flowing. 

A Whirring Sound – As mentioned above, the flywheel spins to get the pistons moving. It does this while being connected to pinions. If the pinions are not connected, the flywheel will spin on its own. When spinning like that, it will cause a ‘whooshing’ or ‘whirring’ sound. 

Loud Clicking Sound – Attempting to start a vehicle that produces a series of loud clicking sounds indicates the electric motor inside is bad. That is due to the starter being unable to get the amount of electricity it needs. 

Grinding Sounds – When a starter motor is loose, worn, or missing teeth, it will cause a grinding sound. That is due to the parts’ inability to work together. 

Starter Motor Repair & Replacement at Caseys Automotive in Chantilly, Virginia 

When it comes to automotive parts that need replacing, the starter motor is one that you don’t want to wait on. If your car, truck, van, or SUV shows signs of a failing starter motor, contact Casey’s in Chantilly, VA. Our team of certified technicians will provide you with a complimentary inspection and diagnosis!



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