Signs You Need A Brake Inspection

Did you know it is recommended for your vehicle to have its brakes inspected every six months? The purpose of these inspections is to determine the health and condition of your brakes. We often hear, “How do I know if I need to have my brake pads changed”? or “How do I know if my brakes are due for an inspection?” Well, considering that each driver and their driving habits are unique, the frequency for needing to have routine brake inspections can vary given an individual’s driving habits.


At Casey’s, we know it is of the utmost importance that every person has a basic understanding of the signs of wear-and-tear in their brake systems. It is the best weapon in your arsenal for avoiding future damages and costly repairs. With this short blog, you will be armed with knowledge to help you more accurately decide when you should have your brakes inspected or even repaired.

Casey’s Automotive in Chantilly, Virginia, aims to ensure customers are always fully aware of their vehicle’s overall condition by providing thorough and highly detailed inspections that touch on 42 points. Our team of trained technicians has been recognized across Northern Virginia as the most trusted brake inspection and repair experts in the area by providing excellent automotive maintenance and repairs to numerous satisfied customers over the years. From our shared years of experience, here are some signs that your brakes may be due for an inspection.

1. Differences in Brake Pedal Functions

Most drivers can notice even the slightest difference in their vehicle’s performance, and that includes your brakes. Since the closest component of your brake system is the pedal against your foot, you may notice differences when you press down on your brake pedal. For example, if you need to push your pedal almost all the way down or press down with a significant amount of force to begin braking, these could be the warning signs telling you to have your brakes checked. These changes in a brake pedal’s resistance may mean you have a brake fluid or air leak in your system.

2. Odd Noises When Braking

We have all heard abnormal sounds while using our brakes. This can be due to a few different things, and one of those things can be the elements. Snow, rain, and high water can produce a superficial layer of rust, but that build-up will go away after having braked a few times while driving. However, if sounds such as grinding, squealing, or thumping remain after some time, it is a sure sign telling you to bring your car or truck in for a brake inspection. From there, an experienced technician will be able to identify where exactly the sound is coming from and better address it with a proper course of action.

3. Greater Time and Distance Before Stopping

Another change that suggests there is an issue with your brake system is an increased duration of time in which you are pressing your foot on the brake. The longer you leave your foot on the brake before coming to a full stop, the more likely your brakes are in a state of disrepair. If this is happening, contact Casey’s immediately.

4. Burned Rubber Smell After Stopping

One of the most evident signs of brake system issues involves the scent of burning rubber after coming to a full stop. If you are driving through your regular routes and you are smelling burnt rubber, you should have your brakes inspected by a professional. You will likely need to replace your brake pads, and perhaps make repairs to other components, as that scent is a sign of severe damage in your vehicle. Learn more about which factors can affect the lifespan of your vehicle’s brake pads here.


Casey’s Automotive: Professional Brake Inspection & Repairs in Chantilly, VA

Looking out for the signs listed above will save you more than a little trouble throughout your vehicle’s lifetime. If you notice any of them occurring on your daily drive, consider scheduling an appointment with a professional brake inspection and repair services like Casey’s Automotive. Our team of friendly experts will help you identify any issues with your braking system, or any other component of your vehicle and will quickly provide you with a solution. Our fast and affordable services have allowed our customers from Chantilly, VA, and across Northern Virginia to experience 100% satisfaction and safe driving experiences.

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