Spacer Lifts & Leveling Kits

Casey’s Customs Team is well-known throughout the Northern Virginia area for lift kits and suspension lifts, but what about the drivers who want additional height without all of the bells and whistles? For these Chantilly, VA, area drivers, spacer lifts, or leveling kits are more suited to their needs.

What is a Spacer Lift?

Typically used for mild off-road and street driving, a spacer lift lifts the height of a vehicle without having to remove all the costly suspension components you already purchased with the truck.

A spacer lift fits just above the coil spring or struts assemblies and is recommended for vehicles with low enough mileage that the shocks, struts, and springs are in good shape.

Spacer lifts are affectionately referred to as a “budget boost” since it’ll give your Jeep or truck a boost at a fraction of the price you would pay for a full-blown lift kit. 

What is a Leveling Kit?

You’ve probably noticed the rear end of pickup trucks sit higher than the front end. By design, it is meant for the sake of carrying heavy loads in the bed. Some truck drivers might find that to be a bit of an eyesore as they don’t haul heavy loads often. That is where a leveling kit comes into play; it raises the front end of the truck by a few inches so that it matches the height of the back. 


It can also be applied to a Jeep or truck with a winch and/or bumper combo on the front or rear so that it compensates for the extra weight. Leveling kits can also give some more room in the wheel and adding clearance for bigger wheels and tires.


If you have a newer vehicle and would like it to have a tough stance, a leveling kit will be the way to go. A complete lift kit is recommended for if you are looking for a drastic change with much larger tires,

Custom Builds & Upgrades at Casey’s Automotive in Chantilly, VA

Our Casey’s Customs Team is ready and eager to help you custom design your truck or Jeep. However, it’s always best to be prepared. If you’re thinking about upgrading your ride, information is critical. Our Customs design team members will help you find the perfect product at the right price to suit your needs. 

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