Spring Auto Maintenance Checklist

Every few months you should take a look at the state of your automobile, both the interior and exterior, to make sure that it functions efficiently and is well-maintained. At Casey’s Automotive in Chantilly, VA, we believe in taking a proactive approach to effective auto maintenance, thinking ahead before bigger problems arise rather than afterwards. This is reflected in our thorough inspection process, as well as the supply of high-quality replacement parts that we offer to all of our customers, ensuring their vehicles last persistently and run smoothly as time goes on. To keep your vehicle in great condition, here are some things you should check your automobile for:

Oil & Oil Filter

The beating heart of every vehicle is its engine, and regularly changing your oil will ensure that it runs perfectly every time you drive. The oil does this by lubricating and cooling the engine, while also sifting out any gunk building up within. However, over time, the oil and its filter’s quality degrade and become less efficient in their functions, requiring you to replace them.


Day in and day out, we drive around without realizing that the most essential component of our vehicle is slowly wearing out. The battery of a vehicle is often affected by environmental aspects such as temperature. For example, during the winter season, colder temperatures will slow down the chemical reactions that are meant to produce energy from the battery, draining it more and more over time. Plus, as the warmer months begin to roll in, so will the heat, which will evaporate the vital fluids inside and affect its performance. Make sure that your battery is in working order by having it inspected, and if needed, replaced by an auto maintenance professional.


Another component of your vehicle that should be examined are the pressure and treads of your tires. Just as much as it does with your battery, the changes in temperature through the seasons will affect the pressure of your tires. Also, you must ensure they have a perfectly balanced pressure, as both under-inflation and over-inflation can lead to damaging results. Checking your treads are equally as important, as proper treading guarantees a decent grip of the road, giving you a smooth ride every time you drive. However, if your tires’ treads have been worn down, it is likely time to switch them out for new ones.

Wiper Blades & Fluids

The spring brings a higher chance of heavy rain, pollen, and travel, meaning all kinds of water, dust, and debris will be accumulating along your windshield. Make sure that your wiper blades are effectively working, and that there is an ample amount of fluids being released onto the windshield. Then you’ll always have a clean and clear windshield throughout the spring and summer seasons.

Receive Expert Auto Maintenance Services in Chantilly, VA

Over the course of the spring and summer, these vehicle components are just some of the things that are necessary to check on a regular basis. During these months, we tend to spend more time going out and traveling, which means we need to keep our vehicles in the best shape possible. You can do this by carefully inspecting each aspect of your automobile’s condition, which can be provided by an auto maintenance professional at Casey’s Automotive.  

At Casey’s Automotive in Chantilly, VA, we provide our clients with the best service and automotive parts possible, so that their drive is smooth, comfortable, and safe throughout the year. Contact us today at 703-802-6300 to schedule an appointment with one of our certified maintenance technicians.  

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