Summer Road Trip Preparedness Guide

As Northern Virginians, we are accustomed to taking trips in the summer months. However, with limited flights and COVID-19, this summer is unlike any other. As a result, many Sterling, VA residents are opting for road trips. 

At Casey’s Automotive, we want our people to make sure their cars and trucks are road-ready for that summer trip. Below, our automotive maintenance and repairs team in Sterling, VA has provided the best tips on car care before venturing on that road trip. 

Oil Change & Filter

Since the oil that runs through your vehicle’s engine is a crucial element for keeping the system functioning well, a fresh oil change is best for the long jaunt. If your vehicle is even remotely close to being due, make sure you have it done before you venture down that road. 

Check Your Fluids

The oil change is always a good bet, but there are other fluids that need to be in good shape for those long rides. Radiator/coolant fluid keeps the engine at an optimal temperature. Steering fluid makes it possible for you to steer without the strength of a hulk, and brake fluid allows for the hydraulic brake system to slow and stop. 

Replace Clogged Air & Cabin Filters

While your vehicle is in for its oil change, have the technician check the air filter. The filter is necessary for pulling those nasty elements from entering your engine. The longer you drive, the fuller it gets. The cabin filter does the same for the air you breathe in while riding in the vehicle, so make sure that one is checked too!

Check the Tires

Tires are arguably the most important element of your vehicle, and they should be inspected often. A visual inspection is always a good thing, but you’ll also want to be aware of the tire pressure and balance. 

Get a Brake Inspection

This cannot be stressed enough-have your brakes inspected before getting on the road. Brake systems have components that wear over time, and while those elements do not need to be maintained as regularly as an oil change, they still require replacement at certain intervals. 

Battery Diagnostic Test

Imagine this: You are halfway to your destination, and you stop for a meal break. You get back to your car and turn the key, but the car will not start. This would be a major pain to have to deal with, and it only happened because you forgot the battery in your vehicle is 5 years old. Having a diagnostic test that tells you the condition of the battery is quick and easy. 

Have Diagnostic Codes Pulled

On the topic of diagnostic tests, also consider having one done for your car or truck. The diagnostic test which pulls codes can tell you about your ignition, fuel injector, air, and coolant temperatures, and more. These are quick, and it will give you the ins and outs of where your vehicle is at regarding its health. 

Roadside Safety Kit

Items such as road flares, safety cones, and a flashlight provide safety for a nighttime driver who is stranded on the road. Many of these kits typically include about fifteen items and also carry some first aid needs. 

Check Your Spare Tire!

Easily and often overlooked, the spare tire or donut in your vehicle’s trunk should be checked for air pressure often. While looking in there, make sure you have a tire iron and jack. If you get a flat on that ride, you do not want to have to wait for a service to come and change it for you. 

Have Your Vehicle Inspected

At Casey’s Automotive, every vehicle to come into our shop for service is subjected to a complimentary digital inspection. The inspection covers 42 different points including almost everything from tires, battery, brakes, fluids, air filters, and more. We even pull diagnostic codes!

Automotive Maintenance and Repairs in Sterling, Virginia

Summer is an optimal time to take your vacation, and while it is tempting to just jump on the road, it is better to be fully prepared. Casey’s Automotive will you get you through all the above-listed steps and more so you can feel confident on your journey. As an additional tip, make sure you fill your gas tank as soon as it hits the halfway mark and always have your owner’s manual nearby. 

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