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Summer Road Trip Checklist

For folks in the Northern Virginia area, summer is when we like to get away from the hustle of traffic and congestion. Unfortunately, long scenic drives can bring wear and tear to your vehicle, which is why starting off prepared is crucial. Since we understand how important it is to have a car in perfect …

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Tire Plug vs Tire Patch: Which is the Best?

We’ve all been there. You were driving along on your morning or afternoon commute in Northern Virginia when POP, your tire is losing air. You pulled over to inspect the damage and saw a deflated tire. You figure it caught a piece of metal road debris, probably a nail. So, you bring your vehicle into …

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Fall Car Care Checklist

Is Your Car Prepared for Winter? Unlike other areas of the country, Northern Virginia is subjected to seasonal changes. Along with the changes our communities experience, our vehicles are being affected too. While automotive maintenance and repair might not be at the top of your list coming into the holiday months, seasonal maintenance is integral …

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What Does this Dashboard Warning Light Mean?

Oh, dashboard warning lights and the anxiety they can induce. One moment you’re driving along listening to an epic podcast when suddenly, a light comes on in your dash. Some drivers are familiar with most, and some are not. Either way, we’ve got your back. For many, knowing what every single warning light is not …

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