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How Hot Weather Affects your Vehicle

Most Virginia drivers know about the need to prepare vehicles for the colder months, but would you know your car or truck can be affected by hot temperatures? You probably already know about the warning signs to watch for when your engine is overheating, so here is a list of additional adverse effects that are …

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Engine Preserving Maintenance Tips

The running heart of a vehicle is its engine. Without a healthy engine, the vehicle can only last so long before it requires some costly repairs.  Preventative maintenance is the one weapon we all have to help keep our vehicles healthy. The list of services that can be considered preventive is robust, so our team …

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Why is My Check Engine Light Flashing?

Look, we get it. Having to bring your car or truck into an automotive repair shop can be stressful. And while there are some things that drivers can choose to ignore for some periods of time, other things should NOT be avoided by turning up the volume of your radio. Things like a noisy exhaust …

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