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Which is better? Synthetic or Conventional Oil?

Ah, yes. The age-old question. “Should I use conventional or synthetic oil in my car?” Most drivers know synthetic oil costs a bit more than conventional, but why? And, is that extra weight on your wallet worth it? Casey’s team in Chantilly, VA, is here to give you some insight! Take a look below to […]

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What is That Noise?

There are a lot of sounds associated with our cars and trucks. Some of those sounds are typical, but others give a warning. At Casey’s in Chantilly, VA, we want you to avoid costly repairs, and being in the know can help! In this piece, Casey’s Customs Team will cover some of the most common

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What is a Lift Kit?

Casey’s Automotive Teams in the Northern Virginia area are well-known for our passion for adventures. We not only enjoy the excursions, but we also custom build trucks and Jeeps for that specific purpose.  Be it for cosmetic purposes or for the ability to ride better on rugged paths, for truck or Jeep owners in the

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