The warning signs of low coolant

It’s not often spoken of in non-automotive circles, but the Coolant is a crucial component of vehicle health, which is why our team in Chantilly, VA, is going to drop some knowledge bombs!

In this piece, you will learn about the role coolant plays in your engine, how often it should be flushed, and the warning signs that it is due to a refresh.

What is Coolant?

Quite simplyCoolant cools your engine. Your vehicle’s engine runs hot, especially during the warmer months, and requires a cooling system to keep it operating at an optimal temperature. In most cars and trucks, the cooling system works by circulating radiator fluid (a mixture of Coolant and water) through the engine, which will absorb the heat and cool the engine. Coolant also contains antifreeze, essential for the Chantilly, VA, colder months. Without the proper mixture, the engine block risks dire damage in below-freezing temperatures.

What is a coolant flush?

Every 50,000 miles, or when it loses its ability to freeze or grows dirty, the Coolant in our cars and trucks should be flushed.

Like every other fluid that runs through an automotive system, radiator fluid (coolant) will collect debris and contaminants over time. Those unwanted particulates cause corrosion within the radiator and engine.

Think of a coolant flush like dialysis for the radiator. Instead of draining the radiator and refilling it, a flush pushes out all those damage-causing particles.

The warning signs of low coolant

Given how coolant is essential for a vehicle’s health, knowing when it is due for a refresher is the best way to avoid catastrophic damage.

Before the coolant gets low enough to cause damage, there are some signs to keep an eye on.

  • The engine runs hot, and the temperature gauge is close to red
  • The fuel economy is poor due to the engine running hot
  • The heater isn’t working or is only pushing out hot air
  • Coolant has a noticeable scent when it leaks at high temperatures. A driver may notice this smell in the cabin.

Coolant Flush at Casey’s Automotive in Chantilly, Virginia

As you have probably taken in by now, the radiator coolant is essential for engine health and safety. If your vehicle has gone over 50,000 miles or presents any of the symptoms listed above, contact us for an inspection.

When you bring your vehicle into Casey’s for any service, we provide you with a complimentary inspection covering over 40 areas. The report is digital and sent directly to your phone!




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