Three Reasons to Get Regular Oil Changes

Considering oil changes are one of the most essential services for a vehicle to receive, it is also often the most overlooked. Oil changes are like going to the doctor for a check-up, not everyone has the time to have it done, but everyone needs to do them. If the oil in your vehicle is not changed regularly, you could be sacrificing your vehicle’s health resulting in the loss of years of vehicle life. While it depends on how often you drive, consider scheduling a professional oil change for your vehicle at least every three months or 3,000 miles as it will help extend the life of your vehicle.

Remember that getting your oil changed is relatively cheap. Without regular oil changes, you are more likely to have significant engine issues and may be forced to pay thousands for a new engine. At Casey’s Automotive, we are Chantilly, VA oil change professionals who understand how important the reliability of your vehicle is to you. To help you get a better idea of how crucial it is to get an oil change in Chantilly, VA, here are some benefits you can receive from getting your oil changed regularly.

1. Maintains Engine Lubrication

With a collection of moving parts in your vehicle, lubrication is required to keep its engine cool allowing it to properly function. Without proper lubrication, the metal components within the engine will rub together causing harmful friction, which leads to the metal melting. Once the engine oil gets old, it also breaks down and becomes less effective. This makes getting an oil change extremely imperative before your engine’s condition gets worse.

2. Keeps The Engine Clean

Dark oil is dirty oil, and dirty oil is bad oil. One of the primary jobs of engine oil is to remove dirt and grime particles from your engine. Not only does dirt and grime hinder engine performance but it also eats away at its metal components. Clean oil helps remove these particles and leaves your engine in peak condition.

3. More Miles Per Gallon

The interior of your engine is protected and lubricated by engine oil. The interior also moves at an incredibly fast pace and is most effective when they aren’t hindered by thick, dirty oil. Clean oil is less dense than dirty oil and therefore allows the components of your engine to move faster. This also lets your engine run with less resistance and use less energy.

Professional and Efficient Oil Changes in Chantilly, VA

Regular oil changes in Chantilly, VA will prevent significant engine failure and increase an engine’s efficiency. To eliminate any mistakes, trust our vehicle technicians at Casey’s Automotive to handle your next oil change in Chantilly, VA. At Casey’s Automotive, we treat your family like our own and provide a range of quality vehicle maintenance and repairs, which will keep your vehicle in the best shape possible. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your oil changed! Take advantage of our Winter Special where you can book a regular oil change for $10.00 off or a synthetic oil change for $20.00 off!

Schedule an appointment with us when it’s most convenient for you. Contact us today at (703) 802-6300 to keep your engine performing at its best. Check out our latest oil change special!

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