Top 8 Craziest Looking Automobiles We’ve Ever Seen

In Chantilly, VA, our auto maintenance technicians rarely see the truly bizarre of the automotive world. We’re all vaguely aware of crazy looking automobiles and have seen some unique rides over the years. Now, while some would have something like the Batmobile or Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobile in mind, we thought we’d take a moment to point out some epically unique rides.

The Pig Ride

pink pig automobile maintenance Chantilly

This PT Cruiser has probably seen better days, and we cannot stop ogling at its nose and ears! We do have to ask, what were the motives? Is it a butcher? Is it an owner of pet pigs? The main reason is, why? No matter what the reason, it is as adorable as it is weird.

Is That a Pea?

pea shaped automobile maintenance Chantilly

Europe is well-known for its tiny rides to use on the narrow roads. Maybe we should guess this is to be as economical a ride as you can get? If nothing else, it certainly is adorable. We wouldn’t mind riding around Chantilly, VA, in one of these.

Was that… A Stingray?

vette mash automobile maintenance Chantilly

What in the world is this thing? We suspect it was once a classic Corvette that has been modified to look like a comic book villain’s car.

Right Side Up?

upside down automobile maintenance Chantilly

We don’t even know where to start with this one. It looks like a racecar, but also…something else? Whatever the motive for making this funky ride, we’d take it for a spin.

The Clown Show

Clown show automobile maintenance Chantilly

Is the circus in town? This puts a whole new spin on the clown car. Though, we suspect there won’t be an outpouring of red nose wearing laugh makers from this vehicle. It certainly makes us Chantilly, VA, people laugh.

Fan of Pumps?

red heel automobile maintenance Chantilly

This bad boy is one of our favorites. One can assume this is a privately made vehicle. And we can just visualize the looks it receives when being driven around town. Hopefully, it is more comfortable to drive in than heels tend to be when walked around in.

A Mobile. Banana?

Banana-shaped automobile maintenance Chantilly

We saved the best for last. Now, while we wish we could come up with a logical explanation for this doozy, we simply cannot. This ride is something special. Truly unique. Perhaps the owner really likes bananas or works with monkeys in a zoo. Maybe they just really like yellow. Whatever the reason may be, this automobile gave us a smile. Hopefully, it does the same for you.

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