Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

Casey’s Automotive Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

We understand that deciding to maintain your vehicle can be a daunting task. Between which service and when, the benefits of each service, and deciding where to have that service done, it can all be a little confusing. We know what you’re looking for is the peace of mind brought on once regular maintenance has been achieved and you have ensured the best reliability, performance, and longevity for your vehicle. At Casey’s, we have put together a maintenance schedule that meets or exceeds your manufacturer’s recommendations so your warranties and the life of all those moving parts are covered!

Your manufacturer’s schedule can be confusing. They are covering vehicles all over the world, in differing conditions, that require many different schedules. These schedules can vary based on time, driving habits, and the environment. So, we’ve simplified those schedules to meet your driving needs in the environment your vehicle is in, northern Virginia! Our goal is to give you the best advice based on what you want to get out of your ride. Whether it’s performance, economy, longevity, cost savings, or every one of those things, Casey’s is here to help guide your way!



30k miles (or when fluid is dirty/discolored)

Transfer Case

30k miles (or when fluid is dirty)


15k miles for the first service 30k miles for second and every proceeding


Oil Change

3k miles (conventional oil) 5k miles (synthetic oil)


50k miles (or when coolant has lost freezing resistance or is dirty)

Non-Platinum Spark Plugs

60k miles (or when performance problems occur)

Iridium/Platinum Spark Plugs

100k miles (or when performance problems occur)


30k miles (or when performance has degraded and/or carbon deposits have formed)

Timing Belt Kit

100k miles (unless manufacturer has specified for a lesser mileage)

Serpentine and/or Drive Belts

100k miles (or if in poor condition)

Power Steering Fluid

50k miles (or when fluid is dirty/discolored)


Hydraulic Brake System Fluid

2 years (or when contamination has occurred)

Brake Pads

Conditionally only (no time/mileage requirements)*


Rubber Mounts and Brushings

Conditionally only (no time/mileage interval requirements)

Rubber Mounts and Brushings

Conditionally only (no time/mileage interval requirements)**


5 years (as of the DOT date of manufacture), if tread is below 4/32”, when badly or unevenly worn, or when otherwise unsafe



*At 5/32” brake pads should be watched for needing replacement. Recommended replacement at 4/32”. At 2-3/32” they should be replaced immediately.

**Tire wear may indicate weak or worn struts.

***4WD/AWD vehicles may require tires to be replaced as a set to protect drivetrain systems.