What is a Lift Kit?

Casey’s Automotive Teams in the Northern Virginia area are well-known for our passion for adventures. We not only enjoy the excursions, but we also custom build trucks and Jeeps for that specific purpose. 

Be it for cosmetic purposes or for the ability to ride better on rugged paths, for truck or Jeep owners in the Chantilly, VA, area, upgrading their ride is a way of life. And given how COVID-19 has caused more people to spend more time outdoors, now is a perfect time to learn what you can do with your ride. In this blog, we will cover the popular lift kit. 

Lift Kit Basics 

Raising the height of a truck, making it easier to tackle rough terrain, is the reason for adding a lift kit. Lift kits can range from one inch to more than seven inches in height difference. For off-roading enthusiasts, those rough obstacles usually include steep ascents and descents, so having a lift kit assists in those actions while avoiding damage to the undercarriage.

The most significant benefit of a lift kit is its off-roading capabilities. The extra space allows for larger off-road capable tires that provide better traction and performance when tackling muddy and rocky obstacles and terrain. Knowing your off-roading goals will assist in the choice between a long arm lift and a short arm lift. 

Some Types of Lift Kits

Short arm lifts are designed for mild to moderate off-road capabilities, while still maintaining a decent street ride. Different than a stock suspension, the vehicle will still operate fairly well on-road while increasing the ground clearance and suspension articulation.

Longarm lifts are designed for mild to extreme off-road but will sacrifice on-street driving due to the extreme articulation and flex abilities. Due to the increased articulation and flexibility caused by longer control arms and taller springs, it can cause the vehicle to wander and sway while driving on the street. 

It’s also worth noting that lift kits boast components such as coil springs, adjustable control arms, bushings, shocks, sway bar links, track bars, and more, making these kits more involved than leveling kits. 

Custom Upgrades in Chantilly, VA, at Casey’s Automotive

Lift kits aren’t for every driver of a Jeep or truck, but if you do decide to learn more about it, trust Casey’s Automotive in Chantilly, VA. Our team of consultants will guide you toward a design that suits your needs. Our consultations are complimentary and are available for an appointment Monday-Saturday. 


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