What is a suspension system?

Cars and trucks have a myriad of moving parts and crucial components. Some parts are pretty well known, and others are known in name only. One of those essential components is a vehicle’s suspension system, and Casey’s team in Chantilly, VA, is about to drop some knowledge bombs!

What are Struts?

In most modern vehicles, struts are a structural component used as a point of connection between the vehicle’s body and the wheels. The struts’ primary elements are the shock absorber and the coil spring. 

The coil spring supports the stability, weight, and height of the vehicle. The shock absorber keeps the vehicle from shaking apart by absorbing vibrations, bumps, and other forms of road shock.

What do struts have to do with suspension? 

The suspension system is a structure of shock-absorbing components. Those components are also found in the struts. 

What is a suspension system?

The suspension system in a car is there to provide protection. It does this by absorbing energy from the many types of road impacts. While it does that, it also helps to keep the tires stay in contact with the road.

The ride in a car or truck would be incredibly bumpy without a properly working suspension system since it keeps the cabin you sit in steady and insulated from impacts.

Warning Signs for Failing Suspension 

When the suspension requires repair, there are some obvious signs. If your vehicle were to experience anything of the sort, you need to get it into Casey’s in Chantilly, VA, for service immediately.

  • The vehicle pulls to one side
  • The ride is bumpy
  • The vehicle tilts when accelerating, turning, or braking
  • Difficulty steering

Suspension Maintenance and Repair in Chantilly, Virginia

A crucial component for vehicle health and safety, the suspension system should be maintained regularly. If your car or truck is pulling to one side or vibrating while braking, contact us. We’ll get your vehicle inspected and fixed right up!




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