What is a Wheel Alignment?

While we at Casey’s Automotive service vehicles with maintenance and repairs, we also want our customers to save their money. Regular maintenance has the power to help you avoid repairs and part replacements, like tires. And while all tires eventually require replacing, but there are a few options that you can employ to make the tires on your Chantilly, VA, area vehicle last a bit longer. One of those options is wheel alignment, and we are going to give you a brief understanding of that service below.  

What is a Wheel Alignment?

Before we get into that, let’s talk suspension. The suspension in a car or truck is what causes the tires on a vehicle to drive straight. If the suspension goes out of alignment, there are consequences. Simply put, a wheel alignment is the adjustment of your vehicle’s suspension.

Suspension Springs

Linked between the body and the wheels are suspension springs. Their job is to maintain a level ride down the road by compensating for uneven surfaces. They do this by ensuring the wheels remain safely put no matter the road’s condition. 

Causes of Poor Wheel Alignment 

As any driver in Northern Virginia can tell you, we deal with many potholes. Hitting a pothole or accidentally brushing a curb in Chantilly, VA, can cause suspension issues. Each one of those hits causes the suspension to shake. Eventually, those shakes build-up and cause it to stray from its aligned setting.

However, it isn’t always a jarring pothole or curbs hits that can bring on misalignment. Over time, normal wear to the suspension components can crack and loosen. That includes the suspension springs and rubber components. With that natural degradation comes misalignment. 

Signs of Poor Wheel Alignment

Often referred to as alignment wear, tires begin to wear down either on the inside or outside edge heavily. A misalignment of that nature will wreak havoc on the tire’s life. Uneven or irregular tires that have been subjected to poor alignment require replacement sooner. 

Along with uneven tire wear come problems with the steering. Most drivers know this feeling well. You’re driving down a road without a bend and notice that you need to overcorrect the steering wheel to keep the vehicle going straight forward. That is a surefire sign telling you the alignment is out of whack!

Wheel Alignments at Casey’s Automotive in Chantilly, Virginia

Wheel alignments help keep your suspension system and tires healthy. By having your alignment checked and corrected, you will save yourself money on repairs in the long run. At Casey’s Automotive in Chantilly, VA, we are ready to get your system driving straight! When you book an appointment for an alignment, our team of certified technicians will also subject your vehicle to a courtesy inspection. Casey’s courtesy inspection covers over 40 areas of your vehicle-covering fluids, brakes, belts, the battery, hydraulics, exhaust, filters, steering, HVAC, and more! We even send a digital copy of the inspection report directly to your phone, complete with photos and descriptions. 


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