What Type of Brake Pads Should I Buy?

Brake pads are a crucial component of an automotive braking system. Given the part they play in the system, the pads will wear over time due to friction and need replacing. 

Knowing which brake pads your vehicle requires can help you better prepare for future investments, and our Sterling, VA team is here to give you those details!

Types of Brake Pads

There are a few primary types of brake pads. The composition of its friction material classifies each type. 

  • Non-Metallic: Often known as organic brake pads, non-metallic are made from various materials. They are typically the least-expensive pad type but also tend to wear faster than the other materials.
  • Semi-Metallic: Known to last longer than the non-metallic, semi-metallic pads offer better performance and longevity. This pad contains around 70% metallic material, so it can excrete dust and be noisy.
  • Ceramic: One of the more costly materials, ceramic brake pads are known for their performance and longevity. They last longer than their counterparts and create a lot less dust.
  • Carbon Fiber: A newer product to have recently hit the market, the carbon fiber brake pad will run at a high price. The material is made up of fibers and a carbon mix. Typically, these pads are found on racing cars or used in other high-end applications.

Which Brake Pads Should I Buy?

Choosing the right brake pad for an individual’s needs depends on a few factors—the type of vehicle one drives, how they drive, and their budget. If staying within the lower price bracket is essential for you, non-metallic are the most budget-friendly. But remember, that type of material tends to wear down faster. While you’ll save money on the initial purchase, you’ll need to replace them sooner than you would with semi-metallic pads. While metallic pads are seen as the middle of the road, they will end up pushing out more dust and noise. They also tend to be used in higher-performing vehicles.

Ceramic pads are growing in popularity since they run quieter and last longer than their counterparts. No matter what, it is essential to know what the manufacturer suggests for your particular make and model. But, being clear about your driving habits with your Sterling, VA, service advisor is your best defense! If you tend to “ride” your brakes, let them know. The more brakes are used, the faster they will wear out.

Brake Pad Replacements & Maintenance at Casey’s Automotive in Sterling, Virginia

As you’ve probably already deduced, there are many types of brake pads available to the public. Knowing your driving habits and budget is crucial for investing in brake pads, and Casey’s Team will help you find suitable brake pads at the right price for every driver. Contact us to book a brake inspection if your brakes are squealing, speaking, or emitting any odor.

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