When is a Brake Fluid Flush Necessary?

As one of the more crucial components for car and truck safety, brake systems require maintenance. Parts such as brake pads, calipers, discs, and rotors, wear over time. And within that system is a hydraulic fluid that will need flushing at specific mileage intervals. So, when is a brake fluid flush necessary? Our team in Sterling, VA, has some knowledge to throw your way below!

What is Brake Fluid?

Simply put, brake fluid is a pressurized hydraulic fluid within the braking system. The hydraulic fluid amplifies the pressure your foot puts onto the brake pedal. When pressure is applied to the pedal, the fluid is pushed to the calipers. The calipers act as clamps that squeeze the brake rotor making it easier to slow down the vehicle by reducing friction.

Why are Brake Fluid Flushes Important?

The process of braking generates a lot of heat. The heat breaks down the hydraulic fluid. When the fluid breaks down, it leaves moisture in its tracks, which rusts! Not to mention, as the fluid runs through the system, it picks up particulates such as metal, rubber, and other elements. When those particles continue to run through the brake system, they cause harmful damage, resulting in costly repairs.

What Happens During a Brake Fluid Flush?

A fluid flush is a careful process that begins by removing the old fluid. After the fluid is out, the system is flushed to clean out the debris. The technician will also check it for rust and corrosion before filling it with fresh fluid.

When is a Brake Fluid Flush Service Due?

Certain variables can affect the braking system, given that every driver in the Sterling, VA, is different. It all comes down to braking patterns, but generally speaking, the intervals run somewhere between every 30,000 miles, two years, or when the fluid is dirty.

Brake Fluid Flushes at Casey’s Automotive in Sterling, VA

Our technicians check the brake fluid whenever your vehicle comes into Casey’s for service. The fluid status is shared with the customer via a digital inspection report that is texted directly to their phone. If your vehicle has surpassed 30,000 miles and you haven’t yet had the brake fluid flushed, contact us for a brake inspection.

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