Which Tires Should I Buy?

Investing in tires for your car or truck can be a daunting task for some drivers. When you come to Casey’s for tires, we ask each customer a series of questions. Using those answers, we can best determine the type of tires that are the best for our customers while staying in their price range.

Casey’s Chantilly, VA team is here to help you better prepare for investing in tires by listing those questions below!

What type of tire is currently on the vehicle?

If the driver intends to keep their vehicle for some time, and they like how it feels when they are in motion, they might want to stay with the same type of tires. Changing the tire type can have a significant effect on the feel of the ride.

If the car is a hybrid, we may offer low rolling resistance tires to help maximize gas mileage or fuel economy.

What type of road conditions do you drive in?

Before making a tire purchase, the most straightforward question is, what type of roads does your vehicle frequent? Are you off-roading, driving down dirt roads, urban areas with potholes, or long stretches of a highway? That significant factor is crucial in choosing which tires are best for you.

How do you drive your vehicle?

If you drive a truck, we will ask if you go off-roading. If so, we might recommend a more aggressive tread, given the type of substrate your vehicle will often drive on.

Is the driver more geared toward a performance type of car? Do they drive it in the summer exclusively, or is it driven every day? Depending on the answer, we may offer a strictly high-performance tire with superior dry-weather performance or a high-performance, all-season tire.

If it’s a higher-end car, We will ask if the vehicle is equipped with run-flat tires. If so, we need to ensure we replace them with the same since vehicles with run-flat tires from the factory don’t typically come with spares.

Along with how you drive comes where you go. Do you spend more time on rural roads, or are you mainly in the city or suburbs? See, city driving requires tires that offer maximum braking distance on wet and dry roads. On top of that, city driving tends to have a lot of stopping and going. That much action can put a lot of demand on tires,

Then, there’s fuel economy. Low rolling resistant tires save fuel by requiring less energy to maintain forward motion.

How long are you planning on keeping the vehicle?

Knowing the answer to this question helps a lot with budgeting for tires. If you plan on keeping the car or truck for a few more years, we’ll consider that by recommending a higher-end brand due to the long lifespan they offer and the overall comfort of the ride.

However, if the customer plans to switch vehicles within a year, we recommend a lower-end brand to help them save some money.

Tire Replacement and Maintenance Services at Casey’s Automotive in Chantilly, Virginia

Casey’s team in Chantilly, VA, will assist you in finding the right tires at the right price for your budget. And, even if you do not need tires now, we offer every other maintenance service necessary to keep those tires going! Be it wheel alignments, rotation, balancing, tire plugs, and more, Casey’s has your back. Book an appointment through our website, or give us a call!


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