Why is My Check Engine Light Flashing?

Look, we get it. Having to bring your car or truck into an automotive repair shop can be stressful. And while there are some things that drivers can choose to ignore for some periods of time, other things should NOT be avoided by turning up the volume of your radio.

Things like a noisy exhaust system, a worn serpentine belt, and a flashing engine light are just a few of those issues that require immediate interference. So, Casey’s team in Chantilly, VA, is here to tell you why you should NEVER ignore a flashing Check Engine Light (CEL) in your vehicle’s dash.

What is a check engine light?

Surely every driver has experienced a few engine lights turned on in the dashboard. Each of them has its own meaning. A part of the onboard diagnostics system, the lights engage when the computer finds a problem in the system that it cannot correct itself. The check engine light comes on for the more crucial issues.

Problems such as low oil in the engine, a loose gas cap, oxygen sensor issues, or bad spark plugs are some of the reasons possible for it to have turned on.

Why Is My Check Engine Light Flashing?

Now, if that same light isn’t just lit but has instead begun to flash, that is telling you that issue has become crucial. It could mean that your engine is misfiring or that the catalytic converter has been damaged, or the spark plug, ignition coil, fuel injector, or computer has failed.  If that light blinks, you need to immediately get your vehicle into a Chantilly, VA area shop for an inspection and diagnostics test.

The flashing light is telling you there is an immediate threat to the health of the vehicle. Choosing to continue to drive it puts it at risk of further damaging multiple components. That extra damage means more strain on your wallet!

Check Engine Light Diagnosis at Casey’s Automotive in Chantilly, Virginia

Having to bring your car, truck, van, or SUV into a shop can be a stressful event, but it will most certainly be made worse if it is avoided. When the check engine light comes on, your vehicle should be brought into the shop as soon as possible. If that same light starts to blink, you will have waited too long! Contact us for diagnostics tests as soon as the light engages to avoid costly repairs in the future.









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