Why it’s Important Have A Professional Rotate Your Tires

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As a vehicle owner, it is very important to keep up on your vehicle’s routine maintenance, but one aspect most owners overlook are their tires. In addition to checking the tire pressure, tire rotation is key to consistent tire performance. By neglecting to do this, it will result in uneven tire wear, poor vehicle performance, and may even become a serious safety hazard that causes your vehicle to not pass inspection. When your tires are checked at the right tire shop company in Sterling, VA, it will ensure your safety driving on the road.
Casey’s Automotive understands that knowing the multiple repairs and maintenance routines for your vehicle can be daunting, but our team can provide auto assistance tailored to your vehicle so that you don’t need to. We are a trusted and qualified professional tire shop in our Sterling and Chantilly, Virginia locations. We also offer all types of tire repairs, replacements, and inspections to meet your vehicle’s needs. Having your tires rotated regularly is crucial to your safety and to other drivers around you. We have provided a few points below to help you understand the importance of regular tire rotations.

Drivetrain Affects Tire Wear

In order for your car to move, drivetrain is a system of vehicle parts that come together and transfers rotational power from your engine to your wheels. For instance, front wheel drive vehicles put extensive wear and tear on the front tires. Not only are they performing the task of turning the vehicle, but they are also the point of power for acceleration that pulls the vehicle. This causes the front tires to wear down much faster than other drivetrain automobiles. Whereas rear wheel drive vehicles cause the exact opposite effect. The rear wheels are the point of power pushing the vehicle forward, which causes wear predominantly on the rear tires. For all-wheel drive vehicles, they promote an even tire tread wear, but rotation is still necessary due to the different tasks the front tires undertake in contrast to the rear.

Better Overall Tire Performance

By rotating your tires, you can extend the lifespan of your tires due to the even wear pattern as mentioned above. This also has a direct impact on the handling of your vehicle by preserving traction and allowing for good control while driving. When getting your tires rotated, the vehicle needs to be lifted completely off the ground, which allows for proper inspection of the tire as a whole. This includes any tire damage, wear, cracks, tread depth, and more. Having an experienced tire expert rotate your tires will save you a ton of valuable time and effort.

Get Your Car Tires Inspected at Casey’s Automotive in Sterling, VA!

Whether you are in need of new tires or unsure of what tire repairs you need done, Casey’s Automotive specialists can assist you with anything car-related. Casey’s Automotive is one of Northern Virginia’s best tire shops in Sterling, VA, and provides exceptional tire services including mounting and balance, alignment, inspections, repairs, and more. Our team has the years of vehicle experience you can trust to repair or replace your tires at no hidden cost. Contact us to schedule your car appointment today and don’t forget to check out our fall specials!


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