Why You Should Buy New Tires

For the everyday customer, tire repairs can be pricey, and the need to have them replaced is often sudden and unexpected. On top of the numerous expenses of owning an automobile, it is understandable for some drivers to seek used tires since they often cost less than new, and they can be especially attractive for those on a tight budget. However, if you are looking to reduce risk while keeping your stress at bay, you may want to look into finding a good deal on new tires like the one you’ll find in the Casey’s Winter Special. Buy 3 select tires and get the 4th one for free!

At Casey’s Automotive, we offer a selection of high-quality automobile parts, as well as a team of professionals that provide expert service. We have a passion for giving our customers the best automobile repair service in Sterling, VA, and believe that every part of your vehicle should be in the best condition possible. If you are thinking of purchasing replacement tires, consider our reasons below for why you should buy new tires rather than used ones.

Lowered Risk of Accidents

Driving on a set of new tires lessens the likelihood of sudden tire malfunctions, and thus lowers the risk of an automobile accident. They’ll be fully intact with strong tread and without any prior punctures that may have been patched over.

Increased Safety

New tires can provide you peace of mind knowing you and other drivers will share a safe road to drive on. Inspecting, maintaining, and replacing any part of your vehicle with newer materials assures as much, and this is especially true with tires.

Improved Vehicle Value

If you’re planning on selling your vehicle, a used set of tires may be a major cause of concern for potential buyers and can lower the price that you were hoping to get for your vehicle. It can be a worthy investment to purchase a new set of tires to replace the old ones. This will also allow the next driver to get the most out of their used vehicle, including a much safer driving experience.

Understanding The Dangers of Used Tires

The older tires get, the more unsafe they become. Over time, the rubber compounds within the tire begin to oxidize, causing a deterioration from the inside out. A similar occurrence takes place when you take an old rubber band and stretch it out. By continuous use, the rubber begins to form cracks which makes it easier for it to eventually tear apart. It is important to keep in mind that while used tires may look decent on the outside, the damage from their age and usage will have developed internally. Here are a few more things to keep in mind about used tires.

  • They can put you and other drivers at risk. With used tires, there’s an increased risk of them malfunctioning and causing serious damage to your vehicle, as well as harming others on the road around you.
  • There is little quality control. Since used tires aren’t subjected to any federal standards or regulation, there is little quality control for them, which means a lower standard of safety for you and other drivers on the road.
  • Tire history cannot be found. Typically, there won’t be records available to tell you why the tires were discarded or where the tires came from, and so on.

Casey’s Automotive: Auto Garage in Sterling, VA

At Casey’s Automotive, we understand the financial burden automobile maintenance may be. Our team cares that you receive auto services that suit your needs and will provide you with high-quality automobile parts and repairs at an affordable price. We ensure drivers can remain safe by providing proper routine maintenance to every component of their vehicle, including their tires, and making sure it is in the best condition possible.

Contact our Sterling, VA location at (703) 444-6900, and let us make sure your vehicle is kept in excellent shape. Be sure to check out our winter specials on brand new tires and services!

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